The base for a redundant go-karting track in Barrow is revving back to life.

The Cumbria Karting warehouse at James Freel Close closed suddenly in 2015 and went into liquidation the following year.

Barrow sofa wholesaler company, the Hayden Park Group Ltd, has set up shop at the site and its plans have been approved to operate a storage and distribution centre, complete with a trade counter, to deal with 130 retailers across the UK.

Council planning officer Maureen Smith told council planners the 5,000 sq m property was owned by Barrow Borough Council.

It was originally a warehouse before becoming the go-karting centre, she said.

“It is well set up for warehouse use because that’s how it was constructed with good access for large vehicles and good storage space,” said Ms Smith.

A condition was imposed to ensure it remained a trade counter only, rather than becoming used for retail.

Planners were told it would generate a 40 ‘journeys’ every day from staff walking, cycling or driving including 10 freight journeys involving a single artic lorry and four 7.5 tonne delivery trucks.

The company said: “We estimate an average of two (visitor) cars a day. The estate has a lot of parking spaces available which are underused at the moment. Having extra visitors to ourselves also brings the surrounding businesses to the attention of visitors.”

A planning officer’s report found the roads on the estate had been designed to cater for large commercial vehicles and provided easy access to the road network.

The report said: “The original use of this property and its immediate neighbours on the estate was intended for the bulky storage use applied for here.

“Historically, this site was subsequently used as a go-karting track which received approval in 2009. Since this time, other units within the estate opposite have been changed to leisure use including gyms and trampoline centre due to their large floor area needs.”

The report said the area was designed to accommodate HGV and other commercial traffic, and is spacious.

“Due to this area of separation, there should be minimal impact on these units from the proposal. No representation has been received from Cumbria highways raising any concerns.”