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It's a dirty job, but Archie's happy to do it

WORKMAN by name, workman by nature. Drainspotter. Dullest man in Cumbria and now Anorak of the Year 2019. Seven years ago life changed course for Archie Workman, of Penny Bridge, when he became a self-employed ‘lengthsman’– reviving a parish job dating back to Medieval times. Nowadays he is much in demand - a hero of the highways, a darling of the Women’s Institutes and a reluctant media personality pondering taking on an apprentice. ELLIS BUTCHER meets Archie Workman.

Crime tsar in 2020 tax saving pledge

CUMBRIA'S police and crime commissioner has pledged to tell the Government that he does not want to over tax residents in the county to pay for more police officers.