Union announces second strike date for Sellafield firefighters

Sellafield site aerial view
Sellafield site aerial view
Monday, July 17, 2017 at 2:51PM

Firefighters at Sellafield are to stage a second walk out at the end of the month.

A 24-hour strike has already been called from 6.01am on July 24, which will run until 5.59am on July 25.

Firefighters, who are engaged in a dispute over pay, will stage a second strike from 6.01am on July 31 to 5.59am on August 1.

The GMB, which represents firefighters at Sellafield Ltd, says that they have "been incensed at the indifferent attitude of local and senior management, whilst upgrading other workers who work on the site and in the process busting the credibility of the pay and grading structure internally at Sellafield."

Senior organiser Chris Jukes said: "Sellafied management have sought to portray their own workforce as motivated by greed. However they have failed to say that they have given managers in fire and rescue at Sellafield between a 12 per cent and 32 per cent rise in basic pay.

"Sellafield management have disgracefully sought to denigrate firefighters for earning shift pay. But they work 12 hour shifts for that shift payment and on the nuclear site that hosts the highest level of nuclear waste. However Sellafield have been conveniently silent on the fact that some of the managers who have enjoyed between a 12 per cent and 32 per cent pay rise also enjoy a shift payment which is the same as that which firefighters receive".

A Sellafield spokesman said: "As always, our priority during this industrial action is maintaining safety.

"Unfortunately GMB has failed to formally guarantee that minimum fire safety levels will be maintained during this industrial action.

"We have been left with no option other than to put in place a commercial agreement with a third party provider (Securitas) to ensure safety is maintained.

"We cannot and will not be held to ransom on the safety of our workforce and the local community."

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