Engineering firm moves into drone technology

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 8:03AM

A CUMBRIAN engineering firm has expanded its business with new drone technology.

Forth Group has incorporated Aerosnapper Ltd - an aerial technology company based at Drigg.

The venture, which became official this month, will mean new services from the Flimby firm mainly in the oil and gas industry.

Aerosnapper provides photography, filming, inspections and 3D mapping capabilities.

It marks another development in the robotics field for the engineering company.

Mark Telford, Forth’s director, said the development will be of real value to their clients.

“We are heavily into our robotics here at Forth and we needed flying ones to complete the set. We already offer climbing, walking, crawling and swimming ones, so now we have them in the skies.

“Joining forces with Aerosnapper means we can offer a whole new arm to our business with aerial work. It will be used for the likes of inspecting buildings, pipes and chimneys for companies in the oil and gas sector.

"We can also offer ground-based trials and testing either here at Forth or on a client's premises.

“We can send this technology into harsh environments such as oil tankers looking for damage, cracks and corrosion. It will save the oil and gas industry a fortune.

“It’s a very complex piece of kit that we couldn’t have developed ourselves so we got Aerosnapper Ltd on board.”

Mr Telford said the new development will be put to use straight away with clients already lined-up to use the kit.

Two of Aerosnapper Ltd’s team has joined Forth Group as part of the move and will be working closely with the existing research and development team at Forth.

Plans are already in the pipeline to develop technology that will allow a drone to fly inside a steel container, currently unable to do due to frequency transmitting inside containers.

“This exciting new development will allow our business to grow by securing jobs in the region and promoting West Cumbria as a hub of innovation. It will ultimately impact positively on the West Cumbrian community.”

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