Taking spirit of the Lakes worldwide

The Lakes Distillery team in the warehouse with managing director Paul Currie (standing, left) and chairman Nigel Mills.
The Lakes Distillery team in the warehouse with managing director Paul Currie (standing, left) and chairman Nigel Mills.
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 7:05PM

Spirits producer Lakes Distillery is set to sell its products in a host of new locations in the UK and abroad.

The company - which is based in Setmurthy - has signed a new deal which will see its whisky The One sold on all nine routes operated by Brittany Ferries.

From the end of this month this whisky will also appear on the shelves of almost different branches of Asda in the north of England, including several in Cumbria, along with the distillery's gin and vodka.

The company - which produces its spirits using water from Lake Bassenthwaite and also plans to launch a single malt next year - is also seeking to expand into international markets.

Nigel Mills, chairman of The Lakes Distillery said “As a leader of the growing English Whisky industry we are in a prime position to export our products.

“To date we have successfully launched our British blended whisky, The One, to Taiwan, one of the world’s largest consumers of whisky.

“This is an important milestone on our journey as we start to leave a significant footprint on the world spirits market.”

“We are currently focusing on other key markets for craft spirits," he added.

"As of last week, we have successfully shipped our first order of The One, The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Vodka and The Lakes Gin Explorer to Australia where we will be listed in up to nine key airports in Australia and New Zealand.

“As we move towards releasing The Lakes Malt in 2018 we aim to continue to export to target markets such as France, South Africa and Canada as we fly the flag for British craft spirits.”

Beatrice Esterle, purchasing and product manager of Brittany Ferries said “We are proud to add The ONE to the wide range of whiskies we offer in our shops.

"Our passengers will have the opportunity to discover The ONE through tastings organised by our valued sales consultants –many of them being real experts in whiskies.”

The firm's spirits will appear on the shelves of 18 branches of Asda including two in Carlisle and those in Workington, Kendal and Barrow.

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