Cameron Boyd, 17, a process manufacturing apprentice at Burlington Stone, lives in Ulverston

Cameron is confident that an apprenticeship at Burlington Stone will put him on the right path to a bright career.

Cameron decided on an apprenticeship after gaining his GCSEs at Ulverston Victoria High School.

“At first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but we had a lot of careers opportunities at UVHS,” he said.

“My teachers were always interested in where I’d applied and one, Mr Green, helped me with a lot of my applications.

“Gen2’s apprenticeship scheme caught my eye at a school careers fair and I was accepted after taking aptitude tests.

“I then had an interview for an apprenticeship at Burlington Stone, got the role and was very happy.

“I’m currently in the first year of a three-year apprenticeship and my tutor visits me twice a week to set tasks focusing on things such as health and safety and relationships at work.

“I didn’t think university was for me as I wanted to get out and earn my own money rather than sitting in a classroom.

“I’m really glad I got into process manufacturing and came to Burlington Stone as I really enjoy it.”

Cameron is interested to learn the different processes at Burlington Stone, as well as the transferable skills that will help him to progress in his future career.

“My friends assume I’m just working in the quarry, so I have to explain all the different processes the slate goes through,” he said.

“We’ve been working with very experienced colleagues who’ve been here for 30 years to teach us the basics with blue and green slate and the differences between the two.

“I started off with riving slate in the roofing department, which was pretty hard at first. After a few months, I was moved about into different areas, including the saw shed, and I’m due to work in the quarry itself.

“At Burlington, you’ve always got someone with you to show you what to do and I can always ask other people for help if I need to.

“The transferable skills I’ve gained through my apprenticeship, such as communication and team building, will help me in my future career.”

As well as working towards his apprenticeship, Cameron is keen to learn another valuable skill and learn to drive.

“I recently turned 17, so I’m counting down the days until I can start my driving lessons,” he said. “I’ve already got a car.

“I’ve always enjoyed playing football in my spare time and I often go to the skate park in Ulverston close to UVHS and ride my bike.

“I’m enjoying life in Cumbria at the moment, no doubt about it.”