After studying for a maths degree in Durham, Sue was keen to return to Cumbria to begin her career.

“I was fortunate that I got a job at some laboratories in Grange straight after university, so I didn’t have to look elsewhere for career opportunities,” she said. “I moved to Oxley after a year and really enjoyed it there.

“My mother and I later set up a business to do office work and computer training for companies in the area and I worked on projects for various people at Kimberly-Clark.

“I got involved in teaching key skills for apprentices, then did the admin work to set up the systems to support the apprentice training programme. I started working with my husband, Bob, when he retired from his role as an engineer and became Apprentice Training Co-ordinator and it evolved from there.

“Working and living together works surprisingly well for us. We’ve worked together for so many years that we know our ways of working and each have certain skills - Bob’s better at some things and I’m better at others.

“The ethos at Kimberly-Clark is really good as everyone appreciates the apprenticeship scheme and the apprentices. Everyone is always willing to help, which is brilliant.

“I’ll miss being involved with the apprentice training programme now we’re retiring, but it will be easy to keep in touch with friends and former colleagues in Barrow.”

Sue, who was born in Hull, has made Cumbria her home after relocating with her family at 11 years old.

“My dad got a job in Backbarrow, so we moved to Cumbria when I was a child,” she said. “Barrow is a great place and there’s a brilliant community spirit.

“Kimberly-Clark has that same community feel and has been a brilliant place to work and make friends over the years.”

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