An apprenticeship is a great way to achieve your career goals in Cumbria. Bethany Wilson from Bender UK, who is now studying a Level 4 in Accounting, shares her advice for achieving your career ambitions with an apprenticeship.

Consider your options

“Look at all your options as soon as possible, and weigh up the pros and cons of each path.

“I started a uni application but then decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do and decided on an apprenticeship.

“I studied at Barrow Sixth Form College before applying for an apprenticeship and that really helped me. It gave me more time to decide that I wanted to work and earn a salary, and I felt more mature.”

Do your research

“I put a lot of time in to making sure my application and the experience I included was relevant to the role and the company.

“I researched Bender UK so I knew more about the business and what they do.

“My apprenticeship interview was my first-ever interview so I didn’t know what to expect. I made sure I was prepared, gave it my best and it worked!”

Look to the future

“Don’t think an apprenticeship is just a Level 2 qualification, as you can really progress.

“I’m furthering my career with Bender UK by doing an Accounting qualification at Level 4.

“After that, further qualifications would lead on to a degree where you can choose a direct route such as management accounting or business and tax.

“I’ve done just as well as friends who’ve gone to uni as I’ve got a job I really enjoy at Bender UK and they’ve supported me to further my career.”

Bethany Wilson, 22, is a Service Co-ordinator at Bender UK in Ulverston. After completing her Level 2 and 3 qualifications, Bethany is now studying her Level 4 in Accounting at Furness College on a part-time basis. Bethany is keen to continue her career with Bender UK and hopes to progress into a role in Finance with the company in the future.

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