Becca has gained a real insight into a career in healthcare while working towards her apprenticeship.

After leaving school, Becca chose an apprenticeship to gain further qualifications and work experience.

“I chose an apprenticeship to give me more experience,” she said. “It’s helped me to decide that I want to pursue a career in nursing as I’ve had hands-on experience.

“At the end of my apprenticeship at Level 3, I had the option of a guaranteed job with UHMBT as a Clinical Support Worker but I’ve decided to study at the University of Cumbria in September to become a nurse.

“I feel like I’ve learned so much with my apprenticeship that will help me with my career. I’ve learned important life skills, such as communication, and my confidence since leaving school is sky high.

“I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone.”

Becca has enjoyed working at Furness General Hospital and putting her learning into practice on the wards.

“I really enjoyed my placement on the medical ward, as I got to know patients a bit better and there are more interesting cases,” she said.

“As you work through a placement, you’re given more responsibility.

“I did a placement in A&E and I’ve been involved in emergency situations.

“We have a lot of day-to-day responsibility but I don’t really think too much about it until I take a step back later on.

“I absolutely love working at FGH. The care I’ve seen is brilliant and my colleagues are all really nice and supportive.

“I’d like to be a qualified nurse in future and the opportunities are huge. You can be a speciality nurse or work in a GP surgery. There are so many options.”

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