In Cumbria, there are lots of different ways to achieve your career goals.


Apprentice Jodie Mather, 18, provides Business and Contract Support at Inspira

“Once I’ve got my Level 3, I’ll have lots of experience and an apprenticeship behind me. With Business Admin, there are lots of different routes you can take.

“Working at Inspira has me realise that there are lots of different things I could go into after my apprenticeship.”

Bob McClean, Apprentice Training Co-ordinator at Kimberly-Clark

“If you’ve got a passion for understanding how things work, take a look at good-quality apprenticeships – what are they offering you and what are the opportunities beyond that? Think about where you want to go in your career.

“You don’t have to go for an apprenticeship straight after school. Some people study engineering, design or science courses first to build passion and knowledge to be an engineer or a manufacturer.”

Cameron Boyd, process manufacturing apprentice at Burlington Stone

“I didn’t think university was for me as I wanted to get out and earn my own money rather than sitting in a classroom.

“The transferable skills I’ve gained through my apprenticeship, such as communication and team building, will help me in my future career.”

Sue McClean, Training Centre Manager at Kimberly-Clark

“A big misconception is that engineering is a dirty, old-fashioned job with heavy machinery. People don’t associate modern electronics with an engineering apprenticeship but they could be working with control panels

“You can then get a degree after doing an apprenticeship.”

Higher Apprenticeships

Adrienne Waldie, 50, is an Administration Manager at the University of Cumbria and is currently on the Higher Level Apprenticeship (Level 5) in Leadership and Management.

“A Higher Apprenticeship is worth the effort - you learn new skills, develop the skills you already have and learn from your peers.

“It’s is a wonderful opportunity to learn and you’re never too old - after all I’m 50! Just do it, you could be the next CEO of your company.”