A beloved knitting shop in Kendal is set to close after being established for over a decade in the town.

The Kitten and the Goat in New Shambles Yard began its mission 12 years ago to help beginners enjoy and progress their hobby. 

Owned by Pandy Grenville-Evans, the 64-year-old outlined on her shop's website that she wanted to 'debunk myths, untangle techniques and translate jargon' around the craft.


To further this, she created a Youtube channel called @kittenandgoat to offer practical, no-nonsense tips and tricks.

As a sufferer herself, she now plans to grow the channel to include lifestyle living to help people also living with chronic health issues.

Her bricks and mortar shop is described as an ‘Aladdin’s cave of treasure’  with a huge range of craft materials and wool - as well as incorporating The Posh Dog Company's fashionable canine accessories.

Customers may well-know her little shop dog Pomerian Eddie, as well as her partner, local cartoonist Robin Grenville Evans.

(Image: The Kitten and the Goat)

"It's not a choice I would have made if I didn't have to," she said. "It's a lot of things - but the state of the town has just made it unviable

"I have been here just over 12 years. I am now selling up and clearing everything out at reduced prices - all the stock as well as the equipment - storage - display and shop stuff.

"Today I have been sorting out all the utilities and I will be finishing week ending August 3rd.

"I am keeping the YouTube channel and the monthly email with the free patterns.

"The website will be staying for a while with my own patterns and things.

"We will now have to see where the world takes us next."

To follow Pandy on her next knitting adventure, visit the Kitten and the Goat website.