A young jeweller has recently obtained an apprenticeship with the Goldsmiths' Company, the prestigious institution founded in the 14th century.

Theo, from Fulton's Lakes Jewellery Works in Keswick, follows in his father's footsteps and intends to become a master craftsman and diamond mounter.

The apprenticeship will allow Theo to hone his skills under the guidance of seasoned craftspeople.

It comes after Goldsmiths' training scheme was expanded beyond London and the South East, to offer opportunities across the UK.

An alumnus of Keswick High School, Theo now alternates between training in London on day release and his role with the family firm.

Theo draws inspiration from the Lake District's scenery and takes pleasure in crafting jewellery that transcends generations.

Theo said: “I really enjoy working with my hands and the manual side of it but also the artistic side of it as well.

"I just think it is great that I am able to make something that not just one generation can cherish but multiple generations can."

Zoe Fulton, director of Fulton's Lakes Jewellery Works, said: "We’re honoured and proud to be able to support Theo through his apprenticeship and to be a part of the Goldsmiths’ Company Apprenticeship scheme."

On completion of the apprenticeship, Theo will earn a Level 4 City and Guilds qualification, receive the Freedom of the Goldsmiths’ company, and gain the Freedom of the City of London.