An Ulverston distillery has become the first in Cumbria to support a new campaign spotlighting the authenticity of drinks-industry products.

Shed One has pledged its endorsement of the #ActuallyMadeIn initiative, launched by The Spirit of Manchester Distillery.

Developed in association with three other distilleries, the campaign will provide the public with better insight into where spirits are originally manufactured.

The creators of #ActuallyMadeIn hope to inspire customers to consider the heritage of artisan distillers when purchasing spirits.

Owned by co-founders Andy and Zoe Arnold-Bennett, the distillery proudly manufactures every element of their gin and vodka in a hands-on way.

Each step of the process, from devising recipes, distillation, bottling, hand-labelling and waxing of the bottles is executed on-site.

Ms Arnold-Bennett, said: "When we talk first-hand to our distillery customers during our tours, tastings, and experiences, we always explain how to read the label to make sure they understand what makes a true, artisan spirit.

"The rise of the mass gin market in recent years has blurred the lines on production practice.

"Many are surprised to discover that a vast array of gins marketed as ‘craft’ and ‘artisan’ are anything but.

"Local and sustainably sourced are hallmarks of quality in our food, and it’s the same with drinks.

"We’ll always be proud that all of our spirits are #ActuallyMadeIn Ulverston."

Seb Heeley-Wiggins, the founder of Manchester Gin and The Spirit of Manchester Distillery, added: "We’re hopeful that by launching this campaign, we can inspire consumers to look beyond the label and understand more about where and how their favourite spirits are made, encourage them to support smaller craft distilleries and maybe even discover a new favourite spirit along the way."

To learn more about the #ActuallyMadeIn campaign, or to delve into the story of Shed One Distillery, visit their respective websites.