A construction material retailer has announced its prestigious new environmental status.

The Rebuild Site CIC, based in Carlisle, has been awarded 'People and Planet First' Verified Social Enterprise Status through its partnership with Social Enterprise UK.

The accreditation marks the company's commitment to sustainability and social impact.

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Its strategy aims to create a circular economy that prevents building materials from becoming waste.

This is accomplished by collecting excess materials from construction sites by collaborating with contractors and organisations.

The collected materials are subsequently redistributed, sometimes at low cost or donated to community groups.

Figures reveal that 140 million tonnes of waste equating to £6 billion in lost value is created by the construction industry, which represents six per cent of the UK's GDP.

By reusing construction materials instead of manufacturing new ones, the company aims to decrease the amount of waste and thus conserve energy and resources.

In addition to this, it aims to raise awareness about the adverse effects of construction waste, whilst advocating for material reuse.

The retailer runs a Tool Library, is a member of the Community Paint Network, manages refill shop 'ReCa' in Carlisle, and is involved with several community sustainability groups including Sustainable Carlisle and Zero Carbon Cumbria.

Rebuild's Maisie Hunt said: "We are honoured to receive the 'People and Planet First' verification.

"This recognition reflects our dedication to sustainability and our ongoing efforts to make a positive impact on our community and the environment."