AN award-winning fishmonger is hoping the purchase of a huge shark sculpture will give its business profile an added bite.

Bell’s Fishmongers in Carlisle recently unveiled the newly-refurbished shark sculpture which currently lives aboard a trailer outside the shop in Kingstown.

As it is mobile, it will be driven to various venues to advertise the business.

Tony Bell with the as-yet-unnamed shark sculptureTony Bell with the as-yet-unnamed shark sculpture (Image: Ollie Rawlinson)

Tony Bell, owner of the business, said he bought it on April 13 from a man who ran a fish and chip shop in Castleford, West Yorkshire.

Bringing it north and stopping at service stations for comfort breaks resulted in people getting a closer look and taking photos with it, indicating it was already proving its worth.

When brought it was in quite a state, but the team at Seahorse Supplies in Brampton gave it a fresh paint job and applied the branding to the trailer.

Shark sculpture before restorationShark sculpture before restoration (Image: Supplied)

Mr Bell said it will be brought to their customers, such as Pioneer, Tebay Services, Houghton Hall, Drovers Rest, and others as a mutually beneficial advertisement.

A competition to decide the shark’s name will be run from July 1 on the Bell’s Fishmongers Facebook page for two weeks, where people will be invited to think of a name.

The best one will be painted onto a blank space of the trailer, and the winner will get vouchers for the business.

Shark sculpture before restorationShark sculpture before restoration (Image: Supplied)

Coinciding with the reveal, Bell’s is stocking shark loin for a limited time.

“Shark is a very meaty fish, it’s closest to swordfish – it’s not run-of-the-mill,” said Mr Bell, describing the fish’s taste.

“You can buy shark loin readily but it’s not something that you’ll sell all the time.

“If people want to try it once or twice, it's there.

“That's what we've got it for now, you see.

“So we've got it in the calendar this week and we'll have it in again next week for a few weeks while it's got a buzz about it.”