COCKERMOUTH Traders say they are 'baffled' as to why a large crane was driven down Kirkgate which was too narrow and led to the corner building being damaged. 

Cockermouth and District Chamber of Trade have said the consequent closure of Kirkgate is a disruption that the town 'could really do without'. 

Cumberland council have placed an emergency road closure on Kirkgate after extensive property damage from the crane collision which occurred on the evening of July 19.

The council say they do not yet know when the road will re-open.

Cumbria police attended the scene confirming that a driver was identified and reported following the incident.

A close up shot of the damage to the building A close up shot of the damage to the building (Image: NQ staff)

A spokesman for Allerdale police, said: "The driver of the vehicle has been identified, spoken to and reported for driving without due care and attention.

"Officers would like to thank members of the public and businesses for their understanding and assistance whilst emergency services dealt with the situation."

Following the closure, the towns Chamber of Trade have said the road closure will 'not deter' the many great businesses in the Market Place area of the town, with access still 'good' to the Market Place.

A spokesman for Cockermouth & District Chamber of Trade said: “This is disruption that Cockermouth could really do without.

"We are baffled by the actions of the wagon driver who tried to squeeze through that gap and caused this damage and we are grateful no-one was hurt.

Diversions have been put in place around the area.Diversions have been put in place around the area. (Image: NQ staff)

“It is another hassle for locals and visitors alike while Kirkgate is closed, in addition to the restrictions on Cocker Bridge, but it won’t deter our great businesses.

"There’s still good access to Market Place, with easy parking in Bitterbeck and Riverside car parks, so you can easily get to the shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants, and walk through to Kirkgate Arts and the Bitter End and Swan pubs.

“Cockermouth will always be a great place to eat, drink, shop and explore and remains very much open for business.”

It is the second time in less than a year that traders and businesses have had to show great resilience, with the Cocker Bridge having been closed to traffic for a significant period of time, following the partial collapse of the Old Courthouse in October 2023 affecting access to the Kirkgate and Market place area of the town.