Helen Hayward is a Partner and Head of Commercial Property, Burnetts, Rosehill, Carlisle

What does your job involve?

Running Burnetts’ busy Commercial Property Team with my brilliant co-head and Partner, Robbie Mather - we look after a variety of clients from individuals to PLCs, in and outside of Cumbria, on a full range of commercial property matters. I am also the firm’s Training Partner and I am actively involved the overall management of Burnetts Solicitors

I drive a….red Mini Cooper. I am not really a car person at all, but I do love all things Mini.

Who would you invite to your dream meal? (Six people, alive or dead) Cleopatra, Shakespeare, Marilyn Monroe, A relative I have lost who I would love to see again, Jesus and my best friend Kate (I would need to share it with someone).

My favourite TV programme is?

I am more likely to watch a film than a TV programme, but I have recently loved Race Across the World. It makes me want to get my old backpack out and set off travelling.

Most memorable meal or favourite food?

I LOVE all food really, but I am a huge ice cream fan. I love eating it and if I wasn’t a lawyer I would absolutely love to run my own ice cream parlour.

My idea of a great weekend involves…climbing a high fell on a sunny day and spending time with my family (probably not at the same time – long gone are the days when I could encourage my daughters to walk anywhere with me apart from around the shops).

Biggest inspiration?

I have come across some brilliant and inspiring people in my career. My first boss was amazing and made good leadership look easy. She always made it very clear that you need to look after yourself in order to be your best self at work. That is something which is really important at Burnetts too – we put the wellbeing of our people at the heart of everything we do. And that is not just words – we have the culture, polices and benefits to prove it.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?

“Nobody is indispensable”. It might sound a little harsh, but I am a firm believer that everybody should take real time out of work to relax their body and brain. When I am on holiday I leave the emails behind. I think the business benefits from a new refreshed me when I return.

Which sport do you follow and who do you support?

Honestly, I do not really follow any sport – but recently we were proud to act on the sale of Carlisle United so of course that’s officially the team I support now!

Favourite pub, café or restaurant in Cumbria?

I have enjoyed some amazing food at Farlam Hall, Brampton and I love the seafood at Finis Kitchen in Scotby – absolutely delicious.

Favourite walk in Cumbria?

I love the fells, but every day I walk my dog along the Eden in Wetheral and think how lucky I am to live and work in such a beautiful place.

Best view in Cumbria?

A view from the top of any Cumbrian fell will do me.

What was the first piece of music you ever bought? A vinyl single - Nik Kershaw, Wouldn’t it be Good - at the age of nine. You have inspired me to just listen to it on Spotify and I still like it!

Tell us something you’ve learnt in the past fortnight..

The thing I love about my job is that if you are curious and you listen, there is always so much to learn – about the law, but more often about people and the things which are important to them. Every day is a learning day.

Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know

That I want to open an ice cream parlour?

Early riser or enjoy a lie-in? An annoyingly early riser.

How important is social media to you and what channels do you use? About a year ago I removed myself from all channels of social media apart from our Work Intranet (if that counts) and Linked-In. I do sometimes miss scrolling, but then just think of all the hours I have gained back.

The book or film which has had a lasting impact on you

I am often moved by things I read and listen to (I love listening to podcasts on just about anything and everything). The last film I saw at the cinema was “One Life” – an incredibly powerful story which made me think about how lucky I am not to live in constant fear for the lives of the people I love.

Apart from a mobile phone, which piece of technology has improved your life in the last couple of years? I am not sure if an air fryer counts?