A PRIMARY school teacher has officially launched her new mobile cocktail and mocktail drinks business in Cumbria.

Kristy Johnston, from Wigton, had the idea for Fuzzy Duck due to her passion for making cocktails. 

With help from her son and daughter, she is now serving her drinks across the county at weddings, festivals and private events. 

She said: "I've been working as a primary school teacher for the past 20 years and I was just looking for a new venture.

"So I thought, 'what am I good at?' The answer was reading, and making cocktails.

"Out of those two things, it's the making cocktails that makes you money, not the reading.

"I decided that because I love making them for friends and family so much, perhaps I should explore it as a business opportunity. I looked into it and decided to go for it."

Fuzzy Duck serves its drinks either from a restored horse box, or from an indoor/outdoor portable bar, and has already received several bookings for the coming months after the business was launched last month. 

The 46-year-old added: "It's my business but my son and daughter are helping out at the moment, so it's lovely to spend more time with them.

"My son is still at school, so he's just collecting glasses, and he's become the unofficial mocktail taster."

Being an eco-friendly business is also important to Kristy, and she ensures that all her spirits and syrups are bought from local sources. Cups are also compostable and reusable, to avoid any negative impact on the planet.

Kristy and Fuzzy Duck will be present at the Firebird Festival and the Soul on the Green in Silloth, with some other private parties and a wedding also already in the calendar.

They are available for work throughout Cumbria including Carlisle, Penrith and the Lakes.

She concluded: "It's going to be brilliant. It's just nice to be part of people's parties as well. I'm still teaching full time so it's about building it up slowly at the moment.

"Hopefully by next year, it will be in full swing."