TWO Cumbrian sisters have teamed up to launch a new accessible brand which aims to change the game for swimmers.

Created and operated by sisters Jenny and Katrina Urwin, Warmcor is a new 'après swimwear' brand that aims to 'liberate open water swimmers from weighted, cumbersome, boring kits, and keep outdoor wear accessible, warm and comfortable.'

Based in Cumbria, Warmcor launched in November 2023 with their debut product which sought to put a new twist on the open water swimming change routine.

Since then, it has expanded colours and sizes to serve more customers and has consistently received five star ‘game changing’ reviews.

The company's 'changing tube' is a versatile fleece boob tube designed to help swimmers get changed quickly and is an alternative to fighting to find their arm holes whilst wearing heavy changing robes.

In Cumbria: The Warmcor changing tubesThe Warmcor changing tubes (Image: Supplied)

Once the excess water and swimming costume come off, the fleece fabric starts to insulate the body which has been found to help reduce the effects of 'afterdrop'.

It started one day after a cold dip in a local lake. Jenny marvelled at how quickly a fellow swimmer got changed. The answer, she found, was a boob tube.

So, knowing that she was on to something and that the standard summer boob tube could be transformed into something much more, the changing tube came into existence.

She said: "It was a lightning bolt moment. I quickly got a prototype made and began using it. During group swims, I always seemed to be the first to get changed.

"And while I sat leisurely warming up further with a cup of coffee, I watched people struggling to get changed quickly to avoid afterdrop and struggling to avoid exposing themselves mid-change.

"I knew I had to bring the changing tube to a wider audience."

That audience is growing. Reports across several swimming institutions show that swimming, and swimming outdoors in particular is on the rise.

Mental health benefits are just some of the positive effects the sisters have felt due to cold water swimming. They said they're excited to share these positives through Warmcor by providing outdoor swimmers with products that 'help them embrace the outdoors'.