A CARLISLE hair salon has celebrated an 'amazing' 13 years in business.

Escape Hair and Beauty on Denton Street, Carlisle is owned by business partners Sarah Clifford and Nikki Little, with the local salon celebrating its 13th anniversary on Thursday, March 14.

After celebrating the 13-year milestone, Sarah explained how Escape Hair and Beauty has remained busy even when other businesses around them came and went.

She said: "We have seen a lot come and go in Denton Holme in the time we have had this business.

"We have seen a lot of faces come and different hair salons... I mean at one point we had maybe three hair salons open in one month and it didn't affect our trade at all, we have managed to keep busy. 

"We have had times where we have had five or six hairdressers and we have all been busy but now we are just down to Nikki and I.

"I have had clients who have come to me for over 20 years.

"We can't take any new customers on which is something we have not been able to do for a few years because we are so busy, which is amazing. We have very loyal customers."

Sarah also discussed the importance of the community which as been built around the salon and how that community has played a huge role in helping the local business through some of its toughest times.

She said: "We have definitely had our highs and lows. We have had times when we thought we were never going to make it but I don't know, even when we had bad times we knuckled down and kept going. 

"We literally get people who just stick their head in the door to talk to us. We are the hub of the street really, alongside the takeaways.

"We get people who pass and wave at us everyday and we have got elderly and when they don't turn up we ring and ask if they are okay, so I think it really is the customers that keep us going."