PUB bosses are raising a glass to their first anniversary.

The new landlords of The Anglers Arms at Haverthwaite are ‘absolutely thrilled’ to see their village pub reach the milestone.

The pub, at Old Barrow, is run by Vasile Pavalascu and his wife Daniela, who have over 30 years of experience working in the hospitality industry.

Over the past 20 years living in Cumbria, the couple have worked in numerous Lake District pubs and hotels such as the Queen’s Head in Troutbeck, Langdale Estate, the Whitewater Hotel at Backbarrow and Rothay Manor in Ambleside.

But The Angler’s Arms has struggled due to a shortage of staff and because of the Cost of Living increase, Vasile said.

“This first year of working for ourselves has been very challenging because of everything that is happening in the world," he said.

In one year Vasile estimates taking around 20 days off work because despite knowing how to run a pub and having plenty of experience, without staff there is little flexibility.

Yet among some ‘very hard work’, Vasile said running his own establishment had been ‘fun’ overall.

“We work with absolute pleasure because having our own business was always our dream. When you don't work hard, you don't achieve anything, it’s simple," he said.

Vasile and Daniela plan to maintain what they have built - a pub at the heart of the community with a great selection of beers, amazing food and good service.

Vasile said: “We have a great community around here who deserve to have a beautiful pub.

"Our target from day one was to get this place up and running like it used to...the greatest pub around this area. And I think we already have the tools to achieve this.

“We don't want to be another closing down pub. We need to help each other so at the end of the day, the pub will always be here.”