New owners with a good track record are getting ready to open a pub in West Cumbria.

Adam Goulbourn and Abbigail Williams will take on the Brown Cow, a pub in Cockermouth.

The new owners will continue to run it as a brewery pub with Heineken but have announced ‘tonnes of plans’.

“It was an evening pub before this, so we decided to try a different approach,” said Mr Golbourn, who has experience running pubs in Chester, Cheshire, namely Barlounge and worked at Chester Racecourse.

With Ms Williams, they share over 20 years of experience in running bars/pubs.

Mr Golbourn added: “We’re going to do breakfast and lunch for the first time, and we’re looking to do bar snacks and maybe evening meals down the line.”

They are aiming to open it on March 28, if all things go smoothly, with a soft opening planned for the date, followed by a live singer the next night.

The previous owner ‘did a fantastic job redecorating it’, with the couple ‘going over the little final touches’, Mr Golbourn said.

He added that the inside is ‘spotless’ save for some small repair work needing doing, and the outside wall is being repaired.

Some other minor snags, such as electrical and cellar issues, may mean they open later than expected, and so have not made any official announcement regarding its opening date.

While it’s not clear why the previous owner left, the couple are excited to bring it back.

“The public has been fantastic, hopefully in the future this will be a community pub,” Mr Golbourn added.

“We're keeping it white walls black windows, the inside we're keeping the same colour scheme, we're filling all the holes in the wall and getting it painted today (March 19).

“We're not improving on it, it's good enough, we were quite surprised at how good condition it was.”

Plans include having a live singer every week and hosting regular pub quizzes.

There will also be darts, pool, and live sports.

On what makes a good pub, Mr Golbourn said: “It’s the customers, it’s the community’s pub, it’s their pub.”