MORE than 1,000 properties in Maryport and Distington can now take advantage of full fibre broadband supplied by Fibrus.

Maryport and Distington are the latest areas to gain full fibre in Cumbria, joining areas like Workington, Parton and Ambleside, which have all been connected in recent months. As a result, people in the area can now get Fibrus Broadband in their homes and businesses with speeds of up to 1GB.

A spokesperson from the company said it would like to thank the residents of both areas for their patience while work was being carried out in the area.

Reflecting on the latest roll-out, Colin Hutchinson, chief financial officer for Fibrus, said: “We’re pleased to be able to bring the benefits of our Full Fibre network to even more communities in Cumbria.

"The work we have carried out in Maryport and Distington means that local residents connectable to the network will no longer have to tolerate unreliable speeds from old copper lines.

"We deliver our fibrefast Full Fibre network directly to your door so you’ll get faster, more reliable broadband with Fibrus.”

 “As you will have fibre directly to your home, you will no longer need a traditional telephone line. If you use your telephone line for making and receiving calls, we can provide you with an excellent low-cost alternative using VoIP (voice over IP) Technology.”

Anyone wanting to get connected with Fibrus can check their postcode here.