Iosys Web Technologies Ltd specialises in creating bespoke apps for a range of industry sectors from running events to underwater diving companies. Giles Brown meets the founder 

A tech company in Windermere is keeping events on track and helping raise money for good causes across the UK. 

Iosys Web Technologies Ltd, based in Low House Business Centre, specialises in developing bespoke web-apps and other database software systems which are used across sectors from construction and biotech to transport and retail. 

Before setting up Iosys, founder Craig Johnson was head of IT for construction company Westleigh Partnerships Ltd in his native county of Leicestershire.  

During his time there, he managed the company’s transition to an integrated accounting system, as well as managing its general IT systems, supporting up to 200 users. 

He initially ran the business in Leicestershire and relocated to Cumbria with wife Caroline, who works within the accounts team for retailer Lakeland, in November 2019. 

"Iosys was originally set up to be a managed service provider, to be all things IT to all people," says Craig.   

"But we very quickly narrowed down to specialise in web development – namely websites and web-app software systems and subsequently focused on primarily web-app development.” 

Web-apps are versions of software which run in an internet browser.  

"Unlike basic websites, behind the scenes of web-apps are the complexities, the nuts and bolts that make the platforms work, which are generally very data hungry,” says Craig. 

Iosys continues to provide development services and also operates a sister business named EventEntry, which has been operating for about 10 years as an online entry, ticket registration platform which can be used by the organisers of sporting, charity and other events.  

"EventEntry has been purposely developed to be self-sustaining and autonomous," says Craig.  

"During lockdown we redeveloped the backend of EventEntry completely to provide event organisers and race directors with almost full control so they can list their own events as required, having control over pricing and all event content and imagery.” 

Iosys’ web-app developments include a bespoke entry platform for corporate events company EventPro UK, based in Loughborough. 

Locally it recently secured a contract to develop an integrated project and document management system for Underwater Diving Services Ltd, based in Barrow. 

One of its largest projects in recent years has involved developing a web-app for fundraising running organisation Every Run Counts, based in London, including a virtual charitable challenge that allows people to set up teams and raise money. 

“Having secured this significant and demanding project the level of in-depth and dedicated involvement required for the project meant we needed to balance the demand for other clients, so we grew our team last year by taking on Andy Parks, a local chap also from Windermere,” says Craig. 


“Like every business it is hard to find staff at the moment and that’s why we’re really fortunate to find Andy who happens to live just a few miles from the office.” 


Looking forward, Craig says the business will be exploring the potential to develop mobile apps alongside web-apps and other software. 


 "Word of mouth is a key driver for our business, and our growth continues in a controlled and organic manner."