Linguists from language learning platform, Babbel, have shortlisted UK shops with clever puns in their names - and a number of Cumbria businesses have made the list.

The experts have analysed data gathered through various social media outlets such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, releasing a shortlist of 120 such celebrated names which are spread across 12 regions in the UK.

Babbel has also initiated a poll for the public to vote on their favourite shop pun.

Businesses in Cumbria that made it to the shortlist include the florist 'Floral and Hardy' based in Ulverston, the sandwich shop 'Baguette Me Not' located in Barrow, and Carlisle's café 'Brewed Awakenings'.

According to Babbel, puns have become more than 'clever linguistic gymnastics', labelling them a 'cherished British tradition'.

Pun-clad businesses across the UK include restaurant Thaitanic in Belfast, Manchester record shop Vinyl Resting Place, and cleaning service Bruce Springclean in Brighton.

"The linguistic phenomenon of the pun is a play on words that transcends cultures, but it undeniably holds a special place in British hearts," said Noël Wolf, Linguistic and Cultural Expert at Babbel.

"The history of puns in the UK is steeped in tradition, dating back through centuries of literature, comedy, and everyday conversation.

"The beauty of a pun lies in its ability to exploit the versatile vocabulary and multiplicity of meanings of English - the prevalence of the pun in Britain is testament to the flexibility and richness of the English language.

"Puns serve as a reminder that language is a dynamic and playful tool that can be harnessed to entertain, educate, and connect people.

"Whether in casual conversations, literature, or advertising, puns have the ability to captivate our minds and elevate our communication.”

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