DSD Construction, a Cumbrian construction firm specialising in highways and related civil infrastructure, has reported significant regional growth and diversification.

According to the Carlisle company, a commitment to delivering safe and high-quality projects lies at the heart of this success, resulting in a 40 per cent increase in turnover during 2023.

Such growth has stemmed from the renewal of existing contracts as well as securing new ones. DSD Construction says that its civil engineering department has seen a particularly significant uplift.

The Company's dedication to local prosperity is further reflected in its support for Cumbria's workforce, employing more than 165 locals and contributing approximately 70 per cent of the annual turnover to the local economy and supply chain.

Over the last year, 40 new employees have been recruited by the company, including six apprentices, with all staff supported on individual training and development plans.

DSD Construction's adaptations to digital technologies have not only streamlined administrative processes but also created new revenue opportunities.

This digitalisation successfully reduced costs and time spent on basic tasks, allowing the company to focus on business expansion.

Moreover, the reduced use of paper and physical storage has made their operations more environmentally friendly.

The company supports a diverse range of key sectors, including highways, aviation, rail and nuclear.

Operations Director, Martin Tweddle, shared a project that the company took part in.

Mr Tweddle said: "We participated in the National Highways in-situ recycling and graphene infusion project on the A1 in Northumberland in conjunction with Stabilised Pavement Ltd. (SPL) and the University of Manchester - this will not only extend the life of the pavement, but also reduce the need for virgin aggregates and reduced transport and hydrocarbon consumption."

Underlining their vision for the future, Managing Director, Shaun Nugent, said: "Our constant drive to deliver sustainable solutions for our clients has also provided stability for the business through the development of a diversity of products and services.

"Sustainable construction products, including modular trench box systems and solar/wind powered off grid lighting, are now part of our growing portfolio."