Cumberland Council will be receiving £3.8 million to boost digital connectivity and adopt wireless technologies.

This is part of the Government's £36 million scheme to enhance digital infrastructures across ten local UK authorities and establish them as 5G Innovation Regions.

The scheme, announced today, aims to promote the use of advanced wireless technologies in various regions across the UK.

The funding is anticipated to drive the development and adoption of 5G and other advanced wireless technologies.

Cumberland Council, other towns, cities, and rural areas are geared towards exploiting the benefits of these digital enhancements to attract commercial investment, thus growing the economy.

For Cumberland, the focus is on using 5G and advanced wireless tech at key sites across the Borderlands Region.

The goal is to demonstrate how these technologies can assist in building the tourist economy, protect the environment, and support local businesses.

Beyond Cumberland, recipients of the funds include the Glasgow City Region and Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

The funds form part of the government's Wireless Infrastructure Strategy.

The scheme is designed to foster innovation across a myriad of sectors from agriculture to public services, aiming to create better connected places throughout the UK.

It's expected that these projects will stimulate demand for 5G, thus driving the government's vision of unlocking the potential of 5G wireless technologies and digital services.

Research shows that widespread adoption of these technologies could result in productivity benefits to the tune of £159 billion by 2035.

Following this new funding announcement, an advisory group has been launched with members from all four parts of the UK.

This board will help local areas to put forward recommendations about their digital connectivity goals, advocate for investment, and encourage local adoption.

Minister of Data and Digital Infrastructure Sir John Whittingdale said: "We’re channelling millions into local areas to unlock the potential of cutting-edge 5G wireless and digital technologies which will reshape our public services, drive economic growth and boost innovation.

"This new fund will give local areas from across the country the opportunity to be at the forefront of Britain’s world-leading 5G revolution.

“For instance, by using 5G for farming and creating science parks, we're not just helping local communities, but also encouraging new ideas all over the UK.

"This is more than just linking smartphones. It's about using powerful digital connections to transform various sectors in the economy and the public sector throughout the entire country.”