James Cropper, a Kendal-based papermaker, has won seven accolades at the renowned Pentawards, a celebration of global packaging design excellence.

This included four coveted gold awards, recognised for the company's innovative collaborations with Perrier-Jouët, Dom Ruinart and Off-White, all setting new industry standards in conscious packaging design.

Among the outstanding wins was the Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque 'Cocoon' Gift Wrap, which bagged two leading victories.

This eco-designed wrap claims to redefine luxury and sustainability, merging paper pulp and vine shoots to compose a delightful box that ties beauty and eco-responsibility, all without compromising quality.

The partnership with Maison Ruinart earned James Cropper another gold accolade.

The ground-breaking chalk wrap design brought a novel wave of innovation to the champagne sector, enclosing the esteemed bottles of this iconic brand in a fresh way.

Venturing into beauty packaging, James Cropper reaped another gold award for its 'Paperwork' assortment designed for Off-White.

This package, an impressive four-piece pulp box used for fragrances, nail polish, or makeup, stands out as sustainable design at its finest, having been manufactured from mono-materials and produced with 100 per cent green energy, wholly eliminating plastic.

The outfit also secured a silver and bronze award for their efforts with Lancôme, as well as a bronze for their proprietary revolutionary packaging strategy that illustrates the infinite design potentials of moulded fibre.

This year the group witnessed the merging of its established Specialty Paper division with Colourform, the moulded fibre innovation, to shape the new Paper Products section, now spearheaded by Managing Director Richard Bracewell.

Mr Bracewell said: “We’re delighted to have received such wide-reaching recognition at one of our industry's premier events.

"Delivering innovative solutions to help our customers achieve their environmental goals is our passion; aligning with our own ambitions to do better.

"For example, our robust decarbonisation roadmap is a progressing well towards cutting natural gas usage by 25 per cent by 2025 and achieving net zero by 2050 across the entire supply chain.

“From the world’s first technology to upcycle used coffee cups to the industry leading incorporation of used jeans into fully recyclable paper for packaging, transforming waste into beautiful paper and packaging is at the core of James Cropper’s vision.

"Our FibreBlend Upcycled Technology team is focused on perpetual sustainable fibre innovation, and these award wins further establish our position as a global leader in luxury packaging and paper products.”

The Pentawards are dedicated to appreciating design excellence, providing inspiration and bridging the global packaging community since 2007.

The awards ceremony took place on November 10 at Magazine London.