Every Friday we ask somebody in Cumbria’s business community to tell us how they keep fit… today it’s the turn of Richard Miller at Burnetts Solicitors

Richard Miller is the partner & chairman of Burnetts Solicitors LLP which has offices in Carlisle, Cockermouth & Newcastle  

How many times a week do you like to exercise?

I try to exercise three times per week.

What sort of exercise do you do?

Cycling on my road bike or on an indoor turbo machine.

Do you have any fitness goals?

Just to be as active as I can be and to take my mind away from work and business.  

In Cumbria:

What’s the most physically challenging thing you have done in your life?

I’m not one for entering marathons etc so nothing particularly impressive. I did a 50-mile bike ride the other week and that was hard enough!   

How does keeping fit impact on your work?

We recently undertook some leadership training at the firm and as part of this programme, we had to identify our personality types and understand what are the implications for being that type of person. My personality type means that I am at risk of burnout, meaning that I should be exercising at least three times per week for over 40 minutes at a time in order to help sustain my mental health.        

Which sportsperson/fitness expert do you most admire?

Geoff Capes, former world’s strongest man – he is a friend of mine and his motto is “just get it done”.  

When in your life did you feel at your fittest?

About an hour after I get off the bike.

On days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, what motivates you to get up and go?

The reality is, I don’t have much choice. People depend on me, whether they be clients or colleagues, so staying in bed just isn’t an option.

How do you ensure a work/life balance?

My wife and I go on holiday travelling the world a lot. We achieve a balance this way by adopting a “work hard, play harder” attitude to life. What is the point in working extremely hard for then not to have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour?  

What’s your top tip for remaining motivated?

When you’re going through hell, keep going.

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