Every student at Beaumont College South Lakes has successfully secured a work placement.

It's an impressive milestone on their road to independence.

This college in Ulverston is committed to empowering young people with diverse abilities.

All 17 young individuals currently enrolled have successfully partnered with local employers.

The placements range from Tesco, a local children's nursery, St Mary's Hospice, and Cando FM.

One success story is 20-year-old Kian Lamb, who is actively engaged in producing content for Cando FM.

With access to professional equipment, he has been working on scriptwriting, recording, and broadcasting.

This success paves the way for 19-year-old Kian Powell, who is geared to join him in this exciting endeavour.

Another triumph is Alfie Williams, 20, who has flourished in his role at Tesco to the extent that he is actively seeking additional hours.

His eagerness aptly underscores the potential those with diverse abilities can exhibit when given access to the right opportunities.

Tesco Store Manager David Jones said: “Communities are key to our purpose at Tesco and working together with partners is central to strengthening our local community.

"It has been a positive experience working in partnership and providing work placement for the students at Beaumont College; it is a privilege to support the students to develop essential employability skills fit for the future."

Praising the endeavour, Cando FM Station Manager Jonny Williams said: “We are delighted to host young people from Beaumont College. We hope that their time at CANDOFM will help them turn differences into strengths and prove that potential isn’t defined by convention, but by the passion to broadcast their unique voices.”

Such placements are a testament to the incredible journey of personal growth undertaken by these young individuals, who face various challenges, including Autism, Down's Syndrome, and learning difficulties.

They echo the values of collaboration, teamwork and pride imparted through this programme.

Lorraine Jones Beaumont College South Lakes Lead Tutor said: “As Lead Tutor, at Beaumont College South Lakes, I maintain ambition to develop education where the student experience, employability and community are central.

“I am immensely proud of the increased partnerships, with diverse employers and local business’, and, as such, students at South Lakes campus learn through real-life employment settings and experiences.

“Our students develop the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours in preparation for adulthood, employment and independent living, as well as community participation.”

Salutem Care and Education invested nearly £250,000 in establishing a new college campus.

This has provided an ideal environment for students to follow the Preparing for Adulthood curriculum.

Previously, the college was housed in rented rooms within a Barrow school, but now has its own space on the ground floor of Lightburn House in Ulverston.

As it continues to foster empowerment among young individuals with diverse abilities, Beaumont College South Lakes eagerly anticipates expanding its outreach to offer even more opportunities in the future.