People are invited to overcome their fears as the ancient practice of fire walking comes to Cumbria.

This ritual is finding its place in team-building exercises, fundraising efforts and festival line-ups worldwide.

Now, it is blessing the Lake District with its exhilarating appeal.

Jen Grange, fire walking instructor and director of Lakeland Wellbeing, is dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses to develop skills and strategies to improve their own confidence and wellbeing.

She said: “Fire walking has been the most empowering and transformative experience of my life, boosting my passion, my personal power and self-belief. "Once you walk on fire, you feel like you can do anything!”

This unique team-building activity inherently necessitates trust and collaboration, with many corporate groups turning to it as a way of fostering camaraderie and a sense of unity.

Participants experience a shared triumph over fear and discomfort, fostering mutual support and understanding.

Charitable trusts are also incorporating fire walking into their fundraising repertoire.

The participants walk over glowing coals for sponsorship, benefiting a good cause.

The sight of people braving the fiery path can inspire attendants and draw spectators.

Similarly, festival organisers are incorporate fire walking into their programmes.

Jen Grange will also be holding public fire-walking events.

Ideal for individuals seeking spiritual renewal, self-empowerment or an adventurous experience, these gatherings offer an opportunity to challenge the self and venture into the unknown.

If you would like to experience fire walking, you can get in touch with Lakeland Wellbeing by visiting the website at or by calling 07810890528.