During the Nuclear Industry Association's Nuclear Week in Parliament, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) demonstrated use of technology, innovation and expert skills.

Attended by Parliamentarians, MPs, and other industry stakeholders, the reception provided an opportunity for the NDA to reveal its investment of around £100 million annually in research and development.

Delivered in collaboration with academia, government, and other sector partners, this funding seeks to discover how budding technologies can enhance and streamline the decommissioning process, reducing costs for the taxpayer.

David Peattie, NDA CEO, told attendees the NDA’s ‘legacy was built on ambitious and transformational technology and innovation’.

Attendees learned about the NDA's collaboration with the defence sector to fund solutions and utilise innovative technologies such as advanced robotics, virtual reality, and machine learning.

Such systems can revolutionise access to areas deemed hazardous for humans.

The NDA also sponsored the Skills and Apprenticeship Fair, where 12 apprentices from the NDA group provided insight into how the organisation is preparing the next generation of nuclear decommissioning workforce.

Phoebe Collister, a business admin apprentice representing the NDA, said: “We spoke to a large number of parliamentarians and MPs, all of whom were genuinely interested in finding out more about not just what we as apprentices do, but what the NDA is doing to successfully complete its mission”.

The NDA spends over £45 million per annum on nurturing young talent.

Jacq Longrigg, NDA group Head of Leadership, Skills, and Talent, who spoke at the Fair said: “Providing a wide range of exciting and challenging opportunities for young people is something the nuclear industry does well, alongside developing and supporting our employees so we have the right skills and capability to deliver our mission and leave a positive legacy for future generations.”

Over the next hundred years or more, the NDA plans to ensure a constant supply of future talent to carry forward this nationally critical mission.

Warrington North MP, Charlotte Nichols who hosted the Skills & Apprenticeship Fair, said: “I’m a big supporter of the nuclear industry, including the decommissioning sector, which is a big employer in my constituency. It offers a great career including the opportunity to tackle ground-breaking work.

“I’ve met a number of apprentices over the past few years who work in the decommissioning sector and I’m always struck by their passion for a career in the industry."

For more information on jobs or graduate and apprenticeship opportunities, including in Cumbria, visit www.gov.uk, ndagroupgraduates.co.uk, or energus.co.uk/skills-training/apprenticeships/ respectively.