Leo Group, an animal by-products and renewable energy specialist who own Omega Protein Ltd in Penrith, has completed the construction of a maritime storage terminal at the Port of Sunderland.

The storage tanks will hold the oil recycled from Leo Group's Omega Protein plants across the UK.

This oil is shipped to energy companies and used to generate renewable energy and process into high-tech 'green' SAF and HVO fuel.

Biofuel demand has increased in recent years due to its ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 90 per cent compared to conventional fossil fuels.

The oil is derived from animal waste collected by the company.

The Port of Sunderland was chosen by Leo Group due to its strategic location on the east coast and access to major transport routes.

Danny Sawrij, CEO of The Leo Group, said: "It's great that we're able to recycle 100 per cent of all animal by-products at our sites and help reduce CO2 emissions with our products. "A decade ago, you would have buried a dead sheep in the ground with the risk of contamination. "Now we can convert the sheep into sustainable aviation fuel and electricity." Matthew Hunt, Director at Port of Sunderland, said: “The need for countries the world-over to transition to Net Zero societies has led to soaring demand for clean biofuels such as those produced by Leo Group and we are delighted that the port will play a key role in the growth of the business as it continues to expand its global presence.”