Experience counts for a lot in business.  

However, just as important is youthful enthusiasm, idealism and energy.  

Luckily, Cumbria is blessed with a good mix of wise older heads and younger talent, working in businesses of all types across the county.  

As we write, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership is in the process of appointing members to its Futures Forum, which consists of young business leaders who will help inform the future direction of the LEP and the county as a whole.  

Elsewhere, this weekend, Whitehaven will resound to the sounds of music festival Whitehaven Alive, founded by marketing and events guru Oliver Hodgson, who has made a name for himself in Cumbria by running PR and events company Platinum Live, which works with a number of well-known clients and events.  

In fact, Whitehaven seems to be somewhat of a hotbed of entrepreneurial spirit, with the town hosting a regular Entrepreneurs Market, on King Street, organised by The Entrepreneurs Group. 

Over 120 businesses have traded on the market in the last year.  

Jenny Brumby, project manager for the Entrepreneurs Group, based in the town, says it has mentored over 40 businesses started by people under 25 in the last year. 

“There is great potential to make Cumbria the centre of excellence for startup businesses and regenerate our towns, villages and city with new independent businesses,” says Jenny. 

“Many young people move out of Cumbria to seek the city life, then come back a few years later as they see that we live in a beautiful, safe community.  

“We need to encourage more young people to stay and see the potential Cumbria has with engineering, hospitality, education, innovation and support around startups. 

“We believe Cumbria is a great place for startups. There is lots of free support out there if you know where to go. By creating a supportive business community, we are now seeing thriving independent businesses again.” 

Throughout the month of September on in-cumbria.com we will be profiling a host of talented young entrepreneurs and stars of the future.