Jill Glencross is the owner of Jill Glencross Independent Funeral Directors Ltd in Carlisle

How many times a week do you like to exercise?

Three, four or five times a week.

What sort of exercise do you do?

I go to BC Fitness in Carlisle and do group PT sessions between three to four and sometimes five times a week.

Do you have any fitness goals?

I have MS so exercise is good for me. Also with my job it clears my head. I would like to lose weight and be more toned, which I am starting to see. You get out what you put in and that's not a cheeseburger!

What’s the most physically challenging thing you have done in your life?

Oh I'm not sure. Probably Insanity. I have done Gelt Gladiator before and also the Great North Run and Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll half marathon quite a few times and then on August 18 I climbed Blencathra at sunset for Hospice at Home.

How does keeping fit impact on your work? 

Keeping fit and active helps with my mental health. We have a very difficult and emotional job so this is a good way of clearing your mind and it makes you feel so much better, especially when we have had a difficult day.

Which sportsperson/fitness expert do you most admire?

This is probably cringe but I love Lisa Fit, now known as Lisa and Romane! They are a couple who keep fit together and post many videos. She has a body to die for. I can only dream!

In Cumbria:

When in your life did you feel at your fittest? 

Many years ago I did Insanity mentioned above. I trained six days a week, ate about six times a day and had a six pack and was just over eight stone. This intense training was for 12 weeks. I was super fit. I was probably about 35 at the time.

On days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed, what motivates you to get up and go?

Erm, sometimes I don't! I go at 7am-8am and this is an ideal time for me with work as it sets me up for the day. If I said I would go on an evening I wouldn't go and would find an excuse.

How do you ensure a work/life balance.

Honestly and truly - I don't. This is a big issue in my life. I don't have any work/life balance. People often say, "You go out all the time".  I don't, I just make the most of any spare time! We have always gone for a meal on a Friday evening and make sure we always spend our Friday nights together but apart from that my phone is on 24/7 (even when out for a meal) and work is on my mind 24/7. It's not easy and having your own business is not easy. People think you are loaded and have a nice lifestyle. They don't see the true side of how it is. 

What’s your top tip for remaining motivated?

Work, my kids, my amazing husband and my animals keep me motivated.  I LOVE what I do with all my heart and soul and that's why I get up every day and do what I do.  There is no greater reward than helping a family through the worst time of their life. To be able to give my kids a lovely home and life which without my wonderful husband I could not do. He also works and owns the business with me, having left a full time post as a manager in the motor industry and then my animals! I have Roxy, our Jackawawa, Lenny, our black tom cat and my six hens - Bubbles and Babs, Henny and Spider Hen (named by our neighbour's little boys) and Clocky (she is broody) and Ginger!

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