NICKY Gordon is the chief executive officer of Genesis Homes

What does your job involve?

I’m particularly focused on the continued growth of Genesis on its business plan trajectory to being a multi-region housing developer.

Biggest inspiration

Currently it’s Kevin Sinfield. What the man has done for a friend and in raising money for MND charities is incredible. The knighthood, when it arrives, will be most deserved.

Best advice you’ve ever been given

‘Nicky, eat what makes you happy’, said Steve Black, a sport psychologist when I was 17-years-old at Newcastle Falcons Academy. I as sick of dieting! But it had a far wider meaning, i.e. when you become too narrow focused, step back and enjoy something different, change the mindset.

Which sport do you follow and who do you support?

Football and Manchester City. Dad had registered me as a Junior Blue member before my mother was even set on what I was being named. Both me and my brother are named after City players.

Favourite pub, café or restaurant in Cumbria

Golden Rule in Ambleside. An absolute gem of a traditional English pub – great real ale, warm fires, cosy, snug corners, and lots of interesting local conversation mixed with tourist experiences.

Best view in Cumbria

Haystacks was the first to spring to mind, but local to us in Penrith is Hallin Fell and I love the ease of getting up there and then the views are just spectacular.

What was the first piece of music you ever bought?

What’s The Story Morning Glory by Oasis. I remember catching the bus from Cockermouth to Carlisle with friends and buying it in Woolworths.

Tell us something you’ve learnt in the past fortnight

That I quite like gardening! I was fortunate to visit Chelsea Flower Show and whilst I’ve always loved a garden and its relationship with a home, I realised I’m a bit geeky about the plants themselves.

Early riser or enjoy a lie-in?

Early riser. I love nothing more than knowing I’m up first and that I’ve had an hour or two headstart on others. It makes me feel ‘ready’ for the day.

The book or film which has had a lasting impact on you

Legacy by James Kerr. It resonates in rugby with my upbringing in so many ways – discipline and example setting in particular. I often share the book with colleagues, a kind of pointer towards my expectations and values.

Apart from a mobile phone, which piece of technology has improved your life in the last couple of years?

Airpods. Remember wires, they were so annoying. Being able to block out sound and partake in teams meetings from just about anywhere. They’re pretty good when mowing the lawn too!