BATTERY-powered products offer efficient and economical alternatives to traditional options. Lloyd Ltd, a machinery dealer, introduces Kress lawncare equipment with its revolutionary Cybersystem™ battery platform, providing rapid charging and exceptional power.

Lloyd Ltd expands its range with Kress, offering more choices to customers. Kress's eight-minute recharge sets a new standard for commercial battery systems. Simon Holmes, Lloyd Ltd's Lawncare & Groundcare sales manager, sees Kress as an opportunity for both commercial and domestic markets, meeting the demand for eco-friendly solutions with impressive battery performance and faster charging.

Choosing a robot lawnmower requires considering lawn size, terrain, and obstacles. Kress offers models with and without boundary wires. Wired models utilize cloud technology for automatic updates, improving performance, features, and safety. They follow specific working schedules delivered daily. Large lawns can be efficiently maintained by multiple mowers coordinated through the Kress app. Wire-free models utilize RTK technology and require at least one station antenna per lawn. Alternatively, Kress RTK achieves centimetre accuracy without a station antenna.

Kress empowers efficient lawncare, providing innovative options for diverse needs. With its advanced battery technology and versatile robot lawnmowers, managing outdoor spaces becomes easier than ever.