Veronica Swindale MD nesma
Outward Bound is a small charity with talented and deeply committed staff. They must trust one another to do the jobs they have been recruited and trained to do. This is why they encourage their team to build their skills and develop themselves – so everyone can be the best version of themselves.
In their marketing and communications team, James and Jen have both studied for a CIM qualification with nesma as part of their career development. As they share their experiences, it’s clear that gaining a deeper understanding of marketing principles has helped them become more confident and strategic in their roles.

Jen Rudin | marketing manager  
CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing & CIM Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing.
“Motivating yourself to open your laptop and study in the evenings can be tough, but it’s worth it. Studying with nesma has given me a greater understanding of marketing principles and the tools needed to create impactful campaigns that resonate with parents, teachers, and Early Careers professionals. This boosts our brand reputation while encouraging more young people to participate in our adventures. Studying for this qualification kept me updated with the latest trends and techniques and has helped to keep our charity at the forefront of our industry.”

James Ferguson | PR & communications manager CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing & CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing
“Studying whilst working is a challenge, but it’s no different from what we put young people through as they conquer mountains and paddle across lakes. You can develop new skills and confidence by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. CIM does just that, helping the whole team understand our audience’s needs and how to engage with them effectively. Our communications are about sharing the incredible stories of the young people we work with and showcasing their capabilities. By using a variety of tactics, such as social media, PR, and email marketing, we can reach a wider audience and inspire more young people to believe in themselves.”
As a charity headquartered in Cumbria, Outward Bound encourages staff development through external training and qualifications, from paddle sports and mountaineering to rock climbing and team building. Marketing and communications are no exception to this investment.
Their adventures transform young people’s lives, from building confidence and resilience to developing leadership skills and forging lifelong friendships.
Strong marketing and communications will continue to play a critical role in connecting with more young people to empower them to explore their potential.