A woman has received a prestigious beauty award for her home business within a year of leaving her job as an Aldi manager. 
27-year-old Lianne Wilkes, from Askam-in-Furness, attended the national UK Hair and Beauty Awards 2023 last month and won third place for Best Gel Nails in the North West.

Candidates are picked from places such as Scotland, Manchester and Liverpool.

Lianne, who is married to partner Sam, has done her own nails for around five years before she decided to go further and get a lash care qualification last year.

The beautician said: "After looking into whether a business would be sustainable, I decided to go for it in September last year. I only came across the awards in November and I had to submit pictures of my work such as most colourful and my favourites. 

"I submitted a video and spoke about my passion for what I do and who inspires me in the beauty industry."

In Cumbria: Lianne's home beauty studio in her spare room

Lianne's application was then put before industry judges in her field and went through three rounds to be narrowed down to the top ten in the district. She was absolutely thrilled to win third place when she attended the awards ceremony on April 21.

"I think these awards in particular are really fair because they're selected on your work and your passion rather than those who already have thousands of followers to vote," she said.

"It really gives newbies and talented people a chance to come through. I think I put a lot of passion and care into what I do and I think that's maybe why I was picked. There's no better feeling than when someone comes in and they're embarassed by their nails and they leave with their hands in the air looking at them because they're so happy.

"I'm also a big believer in enhancing people's natural beauty as opposed to be overly fake."

In Cumbria: Lianne loves to do colourful and bright nails

Lianne is keeping her business, called LW beauty, at home for now and is fully booked every two weeks. She has a longer-term plan to join or have her own salon one day.

"It sounds a bit cheesy," Lianne said, "but they say if you love what you do you never work a day in your life and that's definitely the case with me. Also, if you have confidence and put the work in you can really achieve anything."