A SOUTH Cumbrian business works to ensure every voice is heard in the workplace.

Box Box Solutions, run by Rebecca Smith, was set up in June last year to give business owners and managers the mechanisms they need to take their business goals and objectives and turn them into outcomes, results and growth.

The business, which works with clients across the North West, delivers facilitated, strategic business programmes for organisations and sole traders with a focus on inclusivity.

Rebecca explained: "My business planning programmes are not conducted with just the top person and their senior team as is traditional, they include every single person in the organisation, every single voice is given the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the overall plan.

"I want to be part of the push for inclusivity of everyone, no matter their gender, race or rank. I want to be part of creating a working environment where every voice is valid, every person is important and every idea is considered for merit.   

"I did this because I want to help businesses to overcome common management problems that I had encountered in the past, but with less trial and error, more ease, and less painfully than I did. 

"The framework helps businesses to maximise opportunities, accomplish their goals, generate new and creative ideas that put the spark back into the team and keep competition at bay. It helps give everyone peace of mind that they have a plan, they have a vision and they know how they will achieve it, together.  

"I love that when I help businesses to grow, that creates opportunity for others in our county to prosper.  I love that I am able to make that growth a smoother and less stressful journey for everyone."

Rebecca recently worked with Lynne Quincey Coaching who looks to empower women in Cumbria.

Lynne said: "Rebecca delivered an excellent, one-day business planning session, expertly supporting me to identify an ambitious yet achievable strategy - with clear and definable actions.

"I feel highly motivated since our session, armed with a clear vision and renewed passion."