The University of Cumbria's Student Union Law Society Ball took place at the Halston last month.

Guests at the event included students from all different stages of their degrees, lecturers from the University of Cumbria academic team and legal firms Burnetts, Cartmell Shepherd, and BrockBanks Solicitors.

The society has been continuing to strengthen its links with employers over the last academic year, showcasing career opportunities within the sector which help to recruit and retain talent and higher-level skills for the region.

Students also organised a Law Conference earlier this year. At the University of Cumbria’s Fusehill Street campus in Carlisle, it was the first to take place since the pandemic, attracting figures from the sector and from as far away as London as keynote speakers.

Bake sales have also been held by the society so its members can develop learning materials and host weekly on-campus 'Lunch and Learn' sessions to support fellow students.

Harriet Crook, this year's Law Society president, said: “It has been a pleasure to work alongside Malinka Yilan (Vice President of Socials) and Katie Olaman (Vice President of Academics).

“Together I believe we have had a successful year; creating opportunities for the students to network with a variety of people within the legal sector and showcasing the different routes they may want to take after graduation, from people who are currently on or who have already taken said routes.”