BAE Systems has been given the go-ahead to carry out a series of demolitions and removals in Barrow in preparation for a new development project on the site. 

Westmorland and Furness Council have agreed that no prior approval is needed for BAE Systems to demolish Building 36, an early 20th-century warehouse and former munitions factory on land north of Buccleuch Road and east of Michaelson Road.

The plan is part of BAE Systems' Site Regeneration Programme (SRP), for which an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) Screening was prepared in 2014.

On the basis of this, the council concluded that 'further amendments to the project can be rescreened for any additional significant impacts.'

A cover letter submitted with the application states why the demolition is required and outlines a future plan for the site.

It says: "A planning application is currently being prepared for Project Spartan, which is proposed to be delivered on the site of Building 36 following demolition.

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"A request for an EIA Screening Opinion will imminently be issued to the council pursuant to Project Spartan.

"The screening review states cites that Project Spartan was part of BAE's SRP as the Crew Accommodation Building."

Further information is given in the Demolition Heritage Statement, which was submitted due to the north west corner of the warehouse on Michaelson Road being attached to the Grade II Listed King's Gate.

The comment says: "(This note) considers the potential effects of the proposed demolition of this structure in advance of construction of new office and accommodation facilities on the site."

Regarding King’s Gate, the comment goes on to say: "The incorporation of the listed King’s Gate into the plinth wall of B36 means that consideration must be given as to whether B36 should be considered as part of the listed building or within its curtilage.

"King's Gate has previously been removed, and the future treatment of the gates and gatepost, whether on-site or in an agreed location, will be confirmed with Westmorland and Furness Council."

The Method Statement says demolition would take place in two phases.

Bays one to five of the warehouse would be removed during phase one.

The rest of the demolitions – including bays six to 17 of the warehouse – would occur in phase two.