Figures suggest that if 15 homeworkers switched to co-working it could prevent 5.4 tonnes in carbon emissions.

Statistics revealed shared facilities can have a positive impact on the environment - and have significant benefits on home energy bills.

CoWork.Ulverston is urging sole traders and companies with home workers to consider moving to a hybrid model as part of their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations.

Archie Workman, general manager at the Ulverston Business Centre, which is home to CoWork.Ulverston, said: “Successful businesses are focused on the bottom line. We offer businesses a fixed cost solution coupled with a vibrant and supportive office set up – however when looking at the shared cost model, we were astounded at how positive working collaboratively can be in terms of also minimising a business’s environmental impact.

“Our modern coworking space gives SME’s and home workers an affordable and flexible office solution. Why heat 15 homes when 15 businesses can share our facilities and cut their own home office costs? It makes absolute environmental sense to have as many people working together as possible.

“The collective annual carbon emission savings resulting from multiple people working comfortably and collaboratively in a CoWork setting is considerable. There really is an opportunity to both save money and help save the planet!”

Mr Workman said he is always willing to show any business or SME the facilities and services available.

Comparisons show that 5.4 tonnes of CO2 emissions are equal to five-and-a-half flights from Paris to New York or the charging of 656,872 smartphones.

The Co-Work Ulverston space is on the first floor of the business centre and comprises a mix of single person desks, bar-style seating and a more relaxed communal area with beanbags, coffee table and chairs.

The CoWork space is open Monday-Friday and available between 9am and 5pm.

To book your space at the CoWork hub, call 01229 480485 or 0203 290 1967 or email