A STREET-FOOD truck that has people queuing up before they even open has announced they will be closing, but fear not, it is only temporary whilst they look to expand.

NACHO NACHO VAN, which has been pulling up kerbside around the city for almost three years, has announced a short-term closure whilst they look for a premise within the city centre – with plans of offering evening delivery and lunch specials.

What began at Botcherby Community Centre on Thursday evenings expanded as the van began hitting the road across Carlisle, Brampton, camping spots, weddings as well as catering for private events all across the Lake District.

Their fully customisable menu of burritos, ricebowls, pork carnitas and nachos became a quick favourite for those looking for a Mexican food fix, but the duo behind NACHO NACHO said they have lots more ‘exciting ideas’ to bring to the menu. 

In Cumbria: Signature nachos have become revered around the citySignature nachos have become revered around the city (Image: Supplied)

Carlisle-born and bred sisters, Gill and Laura Hutton, bought their food truck right before the pandemic hit, a business that was born out of sheer adoration for nachos with intentions of bringing top-tier Mexican food to the city.

“We are looking to open a small shop central to town, where we will be expanding our menu and be offering lunch specials as well as evening delivery.

“We have lots of new innovative exciting ideas for the growth of the business as we approach our third year - we will be expanding our team too,” Gill said.

And to bring in the new plans, NACHO NACHO VAN has a brand new sleek logo design by graphic designer Hedboy, who has a huge following in Manchester.

“We have a lot of exciting ideas in store as we look for a new premise for the next step in the evolution of our brand,” Laura said.

“We're missing you all and will let you know as soon as we have an update.”