A MAJOR new building is due to be added to the BAE site if plans are approved.

BAE is planning to construct the Ramsden Dock Facility and has begun the process to obtain planning permission.

The building, which would bring what BAE describes as a pre-paint outfitting facility, would be built on land currently used as a car park.

BAE has submitted a screening report for an environmental impact assessment to Westmorland and Furness Council. 

The development would house around 400 workers during the day shift, 250 during the night shift and 165 office workers, plans say.

A statement describing the proposals said: "The site of RDF is located towards to the southern end of Barrow Island and is accessed via Dova Way which forms its southern border.

"The site extends to circa 4.1 ha (10.9 acres) and currently comprises multiple areas
of hardstanding and has historically been used for industrial purposes related to Barrow Port.

"The RDF building would provide a new Pre-Paint Outfitting Facility, required as part of the Boat Build programme, which would be similar in nature to the Central Yard Facility (CYF) which is located within BAE Systems' main site, with the addition of an annex structure on the western elevation of the building to house a Goliath crane.

"Construction of the RDF would require piled foundations and a floor slab to support a steel-framed, clad envelope.

"A drainage system would also be installed with attenuation and storage if required.

"The main works would also include hard standing pavement and soft landscaping."

The proposals said the nearby roadwork may have to be altered to allow the transportation of heavy loads during the construction."

According to plans, the new development would comprise the main production hall and an adjoining support building. 

The screening report asks the council whether a full environmental impact assessment is needed as part of a future planning application.

It includes an ecological report into the land off Dova Way.

Plans say the project will be similar to the £130m Central Yard Complex, opposite the main shipyard gate in Bridge Road.