A new piece of software has been launched for estate agents that aims to give them a low-cst and efficient way to collect feedback.

The new software, called Feedback Enterprise, is a product of Cumbrian communications company SMS Speedway, and automates the feedback process so agents don’t need to call buyers and enter it manually after each viewing.

Brad Kieser, chief executive of SMS Speedway, said: “This unique product is a game changer for estate agents. Nothing else comes close.

“We know that agents are under huge time pressure.

“They don’t have enough people or hours in the day to do what they need to do.

“Staff tied up on follow-ups is time not spent driving the sales.”

The way it works is after a client has viewed a property, they receive a text or email asking for feedback.

The message has a link to a web page with the agent’s questions set, which typically may cover price, location, value and presentation.

Answers can include star ratings, sliding scales, and comments.

The collated data can then be used to prepare reports.

Brad added: “Great data drives great sales and that’s what Feedback Enterprise provides.

“Not only will it flag up issues with a property, allowing the agent to highlight positives and address any negatives, it can also identify recurring issues – on pricing, for example, across an agent’s portfolio.

 “As an agent, it enables you to provide a better service to vendors and buyers.

“You can use the feedback to help the vendor prepare for their next viewing and get a clearer understanding of what a buyer is looking for.”

The system is flexible and user-friendly, for instance, it can queue reminder texts at any time interval and, if an appointment time alters, the timing of reminder texts changes automatically.

Feedback Enterprise can also gather responses from vendors after viewings and gauge overall satisfaction once their property is sold.

Although designed for estate agents, SMS Speedway plans to adapt the software for use by any organisation that needs to analyse feedback.

They said it is likely to prove particularly attractive to businesses in financial services like banks collecting data on phishing scams and other types of fraud.

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