A NEW business in Carlisle looks to bring a bit of Scandinavian culture to the city, promoting coffee, cakes, and most importantly good conversation. 

Fika Friday, based in Denton Holme, looks to bring the Swedish practice to Carlisle - the idea that you take a break from work and relax in the company of others. 

Owner and baker Rhoda Fearon, who brings in help from her husband Andy and son Noah, said it's been a 'long-term' passion to bring this to the city.

"Basically Fika is coffee and cake as a direct translation but it's more about a real culture. There are a lot of big Scandinavian companies that ask the workforce to stop and take a Fika break. It's all about stopping having a coffee and cake with good conversation. 

In Cumbria: Mouthwatering cardamom cinammon bunsMouthwatering cardamom cinammon buns (Image: Supplied)

"It's quite usual for the conversations to be led by management staff, I wanted to bring that culture of conversation as well as good baking to Carlisle -  as a bit of a backlash from covid and as a way for us to converse in simple but meaningful ways," she said. 

It's not just about delivering delicious cardamom cinnamon buns and talking points however, it's as much about creating another legacy. 

Rhoda and her family have been basing their operation out of the former Bertram Carr's house - one of the founders of Carrs' biscuits in Carlisle. 

"Part of the heart is to keep the baking dynasty going in Carlisle," she said. 

After only being in operation since January, it's been nothing but success so far.  

"We've been pretty much sold-out each week since we've started, we do a lot of giveaways to local charities. Each time we bake, we try to give away some for free to businesses and organisations that can benefit. 

"We've had some really beautiful feedback on the conversation people from businesses to gathering mums together. We've found the conversation cards in boxes have been really well received as well," she said.

If you'd be interested in your own Fika Friday, visit https://www.fikafriday.co.uk/ to find out more about deliveries.