Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster has launched the first of a series of videos to showcase Cumbria’s nuclear expertise.

The series,, called the Nuclear Know-How series, has been produced in cooperation with various business cluster members and was filmed by local video production company Adamedia.

The first video, released this week, features Sian Beatty, and independent nuclear consultant.

Sian speaks on how she thinks BECBC members’ expertise and collaboration in supporting the strict regulatory frameworks of the nucelar industry have led to solcing highly complex issues, which can serve no only Cumbria, but other regions in the UK.

Other videos in the series, to be released over the next few weeks, will seek to demonstrate a cross-section of expertise needed to deliver and decommission nuclear energy projects.

Dinna Richardson, CEO of BECBC, said: “We are delighted to introduce this series of videos as a way of demonstrating all that Cumbria has to offer in terms of nuclear expertise.

“The nuclear know-how inherent in BECBC’s membership is readily available right here, right now.

“Too often, our region simply gets on with its work, but we do not shout about all that it has to offer.

“It is important though, especially with the UK’s drive towards sustainability and a need for greater energy security, that we promote what we have to offer.

“Also, quite frankly, because it means business for this region.

“BECBC is all about creating business opportunities among our membership and, as a result, contributing to the wellbeing of the communities, education of our workforce, and employment in Cumbria and beyond.

“Inviting more people to hear about what we have to offer will help multiply opportunities for Cumbria.

“We truly are, as our tagline says, the place where energy meets business – this is a great time to tell people our story and invite them to be part of it.”

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