A low-price supermarket opened its doors officially yesterday morning (January 26).

Lidl now has a second Carlisle store, open on the busy Warwick Road.

Lidl said around 40 jobs will be created by the new supermarket, and new starters will be among the highest paid in the supermarket sector after they increased wages last October.

Opened officially at 8am by the mayor of Carlisle, Mike Mitchelson, shoppers queued to get first pick of what’s in store, from their groceries, in-store bakery, and the notorious ‘middle of Lidl’.

Speaking before cutting the ceremonial ribbon, Mr Mitchelso said: “It’s nice to see so many people turning up at this time of the morning, especially the children.

“It’s a pleasure to open the store, I’m pleased to see more investment in Carlisle.”

Present were eager customers, and schoolchildren from the nearby St Cuthbert’s school, accompanied by assistant headteacher Daniella Mason, who said: “We’ve been in touch with the managers over the coming months because we really want to build the links with the store; it’s just down the bottom of the road from where our school is, from where a lot of our children live.

“It’s an absolutely fabulous thing for our children and our families.”

Entering, shoppers were invited to take a free croissant sample and spin a lucky wheel, with prizes on offer including a free piece of fruit, juice carton, and £5 off a £25 shop, you also got a keyring token that saves you a quid for the trolleys.

In Cumbria: Spin the wheel, win a prize.Spin the wheel, win a prize. (Image: NQ)

Some were just grocery shopping, others had their eyes set on the discounted hardware in the middle aisle.

Picking up a table saw for £60 was carpet cleaner at Pure Clean in Carlisle Paul Mason.

In Cumbria: Paul Mason with his table saw from the middle aisle of Lidl, Carlisle, January 26.Paul Mason with his table saw from the middle aisle of Lidl, Carlisle, January 26. (Image: NQ)

He said: “I just saw a leaflet come through the door and thought it was a good deal.

“I’ve seen them online for 170 quid, but here they’re £60.”

Also nabbing a cheap saw was James McNeish, a gardener who does DIY, who said on why he made the morning trek: “For the bargain, first of all.

In Cumbria: James McNeish also had his eyes on the bargain sawJames McNeish also had his eyes on the bargain saw (Image: NQ)

“(The saws) are down from over £100 to £60, and just to get a few other bits of shopping.

“It looks very nice, it’s a good shop, this could be my new shop.

“It’s easier coming down the motorway from Durdar than it is going through the city.”

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