THE managing director of Cumbria Tourism called a £440million investment into Manchester Airport 'great news.' 

Manchester Airports Group (MAG) has announced the investment into new facilities as part of a two-year construction phase.

It said that the investment 'will transform the passenger experience at the UK’s third largest airport, with new spacious facilities, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and an exciting array of shops, bars, restaurants and airport lounges.'

In Cumbria: An artist's impression of how the departure lounge will look in 2025An artist's impression of how the departure lounge will look in 2025 (Image: MAG)

The investment is the final phase of the £1.3 billion Manchester Airport Transformation Programme, first announced in 2015. The first phase expanded Terminal Two, and this phase will deliver improvements to the passenger experience as they make their way through to the terminal. 

Upon completion in 2025, around 80 per cent of all passengers will use the expanded and improved Terminal Two. Terminal One is set to close after 63 years of operation.

In Cumbria: An artist's impression of how the food hall area will look in 2025An artist's impression of how the food hall area will look in 2025 (Image: MAG)

Research by York Aviation revealed that the transformation programme of Terminal Two could mean that Manchester Airport contributes 80 per cent more to the economy in the north by 2040, rising from £3.5 billion currently to £6.8 billion. 

Gill Haigh, the managing director at Cumbria Tourism, said: "Manchester Airport is a vital travel hub for the North West, it’s the gateway for international visitors to get to the Lake District, Cumbria. These upgrades propose access from even more overseas destinations, including some of the world’s highest-spending economic markets which is set to be to be a major boost for the future of inbound tourism.

“The Lake District, Cumbria had become an established destination choice for the many international markets who absolutely love the history and culture the area has to offer, with an increasing number of independent travellers exploring more widely and discovering the hidden gems dotted around our diverse county so this is great news and we look forward to the improvement plans at Manchester Airport.”

In 2019, Cumbria Tourism worked with Manchester Airport's 'More than an Airport' poster campaign.

The campaign promoted what the region had to offer to passengers travelling through the airport.